Great things happen when people create together.

Here are three stories of extraordinary teams that inspire us to bring our creative courage and limitless imagination to work for our clients. We are no less committed to you in transforming your greatest challenges into remarkable opportunities.

NASA's Finest Hour


When mission commander James A. Lovell uttered his gut-wrenching warning, "Houston, we have a problem," neither he nor the army of NASA engineers back on Earth really knew if his crew would—or even could—make it back home. In the 72 hours that followed, NASA engineers worked feverishly to find any way to somehow limp the damaged command module 200,000 miles back to Earth.

Project Azorian


It was the greatest engineering project in history and kept secret for over 40 years. In 1968, the Glomar Explorer, a custom spy ship built by Howard Hughes for the CIA fitted with a series of mechanical systems one more impressive than the next, sailed to a remote spot in the central Pacific Ocean to recover a sunken Soviet submarine three miles below the surface.

The First Start Up


They were the first "start up" of what would eventually become known as Silicon Valley. These men, known as the "traitorous eight", left the security of their corporate jobs at Shockley Labs in 1957 to create Fairchild Semiconductor and develop the first micro-chip. They were the "fathers" of modern electronics and their work together would change the world forever.

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