I became a design entrepreneur 10 years ago because the job I wanted didn't exist yet.

Nic DiPalma , Principal & Executive Creative Director,  NicDiPalma Creative LLC Photo by  Jessica Skintges Wallach

Nic DiPalma, Principal & Executive Creative Director, NicDiPalmaCreative LLC
Photo by Jessica Skintges Wallach

I'm driven to find the 'place' where my deep happiness and a deep hunger in the world meet. Beyond passion, it's a desire for twinning or co-creating among dynamic teams of courage and diversity, sharing challenges and struggles, and bringing curiosity, discovery, and innovation to make a meaningful, lasting impact for those who need it the most.

My design career began in 1997 working on the landmark educational media series, The Standard Deviants, produced by Cerebellum Corporation and airing on PBS stations across the country.

From there, I became the Senior Designer at WETA in 2000, the flagship PBS member station in the Washington, DC area, where I worked on local and national projects, including In Performance at the White House, The News Hour (now PBS Newshour), Washington Week with Gwen Ifill, and with iconic American filmmaker, Ken Burns and Florentine Films.

In 2003, I took a position with the Department of Defense's Armed Forces Radio & Television as a broadcast news designer. However, shortly thereafter, with increasing combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered the expansion of the Pentagon Channel to a 24-hour news and information network. Having come from a military family myself, I knew what service members and their families wanted from such a network and I became very proactive in developing the channel.

I was promoted to Art Director and charged with developing a creative services department for program packaging, hourly and nightly news reports, as well as special reports and PSA's. I remember working full days, going home nearby for dinner with my wife, then going back to the office until 2am to share graphics and visual assets with the Army's 209th Broadcast Operations Division in the "Green Zone" in Iraq or forward operating journalists in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Nic worked brilliantly with his team to continue to create Emmy award winning spots and graphic packages. Nic understood, without question, his core audience and showed a tremendous amount of pride in serving those who serve.
— Brian Natwick, Executive Director, Pentagon Channel

The channel went off-air in 2014 to become DoD News as a service of the Defense Media Activity, but the team I helped create was an award-winning staff of dedicated, active-duty and civilian talent. It remains today as one of the most meaningful, rewarding jobs I've ever had.

In November of 2005, I felt the need to make a bigger impact for the causes I cared about. I launched NicDiPalmaCreative to serve the organizations that wanted to share their stories with a bigger audience and develop identities and platforms for documentary filmmakers. Program graphics, animation, visual effects, titles, websites - a full 360º of creative services.

Then the iPhone was released to the world and everything changed. I took everything I learned about designing stories and transcended from one screen to the new screen. Then the next and then the next. I worked with PBS, Cars.com, Accenture, and many other great companies to launch their brands in the mobile UX/UI revolution.


Fast-forward to 2015, I launched MotionLabs.co as a network of expert artists and animators, designers and developers, writers, producers and directors. We design, develop, direct and produce motion graphics, video and interactive content. We are a virtual studio of networked talent based in the Washington, DC metro area with clients and partners throughout the United States and around the world.

With almost 20 years of experience in creative direction, brand strategy, content development, and experience design, I’ve delivered “creativity-on-demand” with exceptional customer service for a variety of clients across traditional, digital, and emerging media platforms.

Working independently or in a team environment, I practice design thinking [analysis] and systems thinking [synthesis] methods to discover opportunities for innovation. I encourage lean and agile principles to research and develop projects rapidly while promoting a culture of creativity for generating breakthrough ideas.

And to make a meaningful, lasting impact for those who need it the most.