In 2012, GeoEye Analytics (acquired later by DigitalGlobe™) asked for help with the experience design of their geospatial cloud analytics suite of applications. Chief among them was a C4ISR project called "Capstone."

Develop a single UX/UI design to unify a suite of geospatial cloud analytics applications.

The result must meet the specific C4ISR requirements of the customer and undergo preliminary usability testing before additional funding would allow for iteration.

Capstone v.0


Creating Platform Tools

The initial "styleboard" for the new Capstone UI.

The initial "styleboard" for the new Capstone UI.

The new "diamond" cursor and updated application icons.   

The new "diamond" cursor and updated application icons.


The new quick reference toolbar.

The new quick reference toolbar.


The New "Capstone" UX/UI

Provide a simple interface for a platform of complex applications.

Use icons to explain the "affordance" of each application, open/close drawers for each application, and display the map/location in the background with a quick toolbar for editing in real-time.

A cleaner interface that can quickly respond to the user while presenting operational awareness. Compared to the previous build, users completed 3x as many tasks 200% faster on average with increased accuracy.

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When fully tested and deployed, the platform will be able to act as a central hub for teams regardless of their operating proximity. A closed/secure mobile application will keep communication constant with necessary information and allow for flexibility without compromising readiness.

Another advantage of the location-based, geospatial data-driven platform is that the UX/UI can be repurposed for additional operational management needs, including the global maritime industries, also served by GeoEye's OrbMap software.

Nic came through for us on a very important project and brought his design eye and skills at UI/UX to bear designing a terrific user experience for us.
— Jason Dalton, Sr. Director, Applied Technology, GeoEye

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